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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Birthday Bash!

3rd Annual
Birthday Bash
TEAM COST: A team consists of 2-3 team members. If you fish with 2 people, the cost is $125. If you choose to add a third person, then there is an additional $25.
PAYMENT: Entry fees will be accepted in a CASH form only. No checks, Venmo, or any cash app.
REGISTRATIONS: Entry forms are due at registration only. There are 2 options to register. The first option is at the captain’s meeting Friday, Jan. 27nd between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm at ????????. Or you can register the morning of the tournament on Jan. 28th between 5 am and 6 am at Tom Finley Boat Ramp. No registration will be accepted out of these locations or times.
WEATHER: This tournament will happen with rain, sleet, or snow. In the event of bad weather, I will decide at 6 am to either roll with the tournament or not. If I cancel the tournament All money will be refunded, and the tournament rescheduled.
BOAT INSPECTION: On the morning of the tournament, I and a few people will be doing boat inspections to check for the following items. The number of rods and reels, no illegal baits, and nothing in Livewell.
TRAILERING: After your boat is inspected you are free to leave your boat trailered and leave to go to any boat ramp on Cedar Creek Lake!
Bait: Any bait is legal that does not go against TPWD rules and Laws. No crappie, sand bass, or game fish. You may use cheese baits, punch bait, shad, or the basic baits we use.
SPECTATORS: Only people who have paid any entry fee may be on a boat.
EQUIPMENT: Only rods and reels may be used during the tournament to catch fish. No electronic bite alar, etc..…..ROD AND REELS ONLY. The max rod and reels are 10, no more than. Anyone caught outside of this will be disqualified.
LiveWell: You are responsible for having enough live well space for your fish. This is not the tournament’s choice to tell you how big your Live well should be. As a fisherman and protecting the sport, I feel we all know about doing what we can to protect the beautiful creatures. No Stringers, fish baskets, or toe sacks are allowed. I Will say this year we will be doing more to protect the fish and there will be steps that we will take this year to help with this process.
RESPECT: There will be no fishing within 50 yards of any marina, 50 yards within any boat (competitor or not), and no fishing within the buoys around an intake. In the event, there is a water intake that has no buoys and no sign that says no fishing within certain footage then that intake is free game. If you are caught breaking these rules, then you will be disqualified from the tournament. Be respectful of others and the laws.
WEIGH-IN: Each Team may weigh in up to 5 catfish (flathead, blue, or channel). Any dead fish weighed in will result in a loss of that fish. You may not replace a dead fish with a live fish once you come to the scales to weigh in. This year we are trying to get tanks for ALL fish to go into after they are weighed in for up to 10 minutes. In the event during this time, if a fish goes belly up then there will be a penalty. (Still deciding on what that is going to be).
OFF LIMITS: Off limits will begin Jan. 27th at 10 pm until Jan. 28th at 5:30 am. There is one exception to this rule. If you have rented a house or cabin on the lake and you want to bring your boat by water instead of a trailer, then you are more than welcome to do that.
FISHING TIMES: As soon as your boat is inspected you may launch and head to your location. At no time before 7 am are lines allowed in the water! Lines in at 7 am. Fishing will end at 3 pm, all lines must be out of water. If you are fighting a fish when 3 pm hits, you may continue to land that fish. (please understand ticket turn-in time)
WEIGH-IN: All weigh-in tickets must be turned in before 4 pm. You will come to the weigh-in table and hand your ticket to a Volunteer and they will check your name off and write down the time. In the event you do not turn your ticket in before 4 pm, you will not be able to weigh your catch for the day. You may also not weigh in before we have your ticket. All fish will have to be legal by TPWD standards. Anyone trying to weigh in an illegal fish, weigh in will be DQ for the tournament.
EATERS: With respect to the tournament trail, anything over 10lbs will belong to the Birthday Bash Catfish Tournament and will be released back into the lake. Anything under 10lbs you are more than welcome to keep.
JR. ANGLER: This is any angler who is UNDER the age of 16. Age 16 will be considered an adult angler. There will be a payout for 1st and 2nd place junior anglers!
TRASH FISH: $25 entry fee This will consist of any fish other than a catfish. This will also have to follow the guidelines of TPWD legal fish. In the event there is a question on the size, we will measure it to make sure that it is a legal fish in and out of a tournament. If it is illegal, you will lose that fish but will not affect your catfish weigh-in.
BIG FISH: $50 Entry Fee Plain and simple, who will weigh in the biggest catfish…………..
CASH DRAWING: There will be 2 raffle drawings at the end of the tournament. During registration, you will have the opportunity to buy raffle tickets. You may buy 1 ticket for 5 dollars, or you may buy 5 for $20. At the end of the tournament, we will raffle off this pot for an extra cash giveaway. Spectators will be allowed to enter this cash drawing.
Placing in the Tournament!
1st Place = 70%
2nd Place = 25%
3rd Place = 5%
Big Fish
1st Place = 100%
Trash Fish
1st Place = 100%
Cash Drawing
1st Place = 100%
Jr. Angler = Depending on Entry’s
1 entry = 100%
2 entries = 1st Place 70% — 2nd Place 30%
*5% of All Entry fees will make up the pot of Jr. Angler Payout