Omni Channel Marketing for Cedar Creek Success Series Part 1

Omni Channel Marketing for Cedar Creek Success Series Part 1

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An Introduction to Omni Channel Marketing for Cedar Creek Lake Businesses

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in what we call Omni-Channel marketing!

Ready to grow your business? Let’s Dive In!

Marketing Channels for Cedar Creek Lake Area Businesses

The importance of executing a unified digital marketing strategy for today’s Cedar Creek Lake business owner cannot be over stated. 

Whether buying a new home, groceries or local services, customers use multiple channels for information gathering when making buying decisions. 

Marketers agree, the extent to which business owners can leverage Multiple touch points with a consistent, positive branding message will determine the degree of a positive outcome.

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Facebook Pages

One of the first questions our clients usually ask is.. Why not just use a Facebook page?

And it’s true..

Many Cedar Creek Lake area businesses use Facebook as their primary client contact method for advertising their products and services. 

It’s actually a modern version of the oldest form of advertising known to man, otherwise referred to as ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising. 

The idea is one person knows about a business, product or a service who then tells two more that then spreads the news to six, and on and on and on. 

It’s free and obviously works quite well!  

But, there are some downsides to consider as well..

1st, it leaves to chance if or when your business gets mentioned which is, by the way, not always in a positive light.

2nd, Facebook pages have steadily decreased in organic reach to the point that only a few people will see your content, even with 1000’s of followers.. Unless you pay a significant, ongoing advertising fee to Facebook to show your content to more people!

There’s a Better Way to Reach More Clients

So again, while Facebook is a Great tool to reach your audience, it should not be the ONLY tool you rely on. 

Like most marketers today, we recommend using the ‘Omni-Channel’ approach, that is, integrating MULTIPLE other online methods for getting your business found on the internet. 

Omni Channel Marketing for Cedar Creek Success Series Part 1 8 magnifing glass 1 CedarCreekLake.OnlineDirectory Services

Directory services such as Yelp have popped up as an effective way for businesses to get found based on keyword search and other creative techniques. 

Unlike Facebook’s word-of-mouth technique, Directory Services are search engine based.

Businesses are found based on keywords such as ‘boat’, ‘jet ski’, or ‘fishing’. 

Once a match is made, all relevant results for the business are presented to the user and best matches are ranked in order of relevance based on factors determined by Google’s robotic algorithms.

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How Directory Services Get Found

The trick for advertisers is to create relevant content that is measured valuable, and thus rank higher in the search results than the competition. 

Marketers refer to this process as Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’. 

Downsides Of Yelp & Others

Like most channels of marketing there are some downsides to consider.

For example, with its mobile optimized app, Yelp has proved quite popular as a free and premium Directory Service.

However, similar to Facebook, the free version is generally only minimally effective.

The full featured, premium version is a cost-per-click model and while it can work, it’s also expensive, making it only available to businesses with large marketing budgets, not ideal for startups and small businesses.  

Bottomline, in most cases, relying on Yelp can work, but shouldn’t be solely relied upon to drive new business.

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Let’s Talk About CedarCreekLake. Online

During 2019, The Cedar Creek Lake area was introduced to one other such Directory Service offering; CedarCreekLake.Online (CCL.O). 

Unlike Yelp which is a global behemoth, CCL.O is laser-focused on independent, lake area businesses and the customers they serve.

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NOT Just Another Directory Service

CCL.O goes far beyond just a Directory Service. 

It’s also an Aggregation site. 

Imagine it this way: It’s sort of like a shopping mall, but with all the convenience of shopping online!

Much as people would shop at a mall with multiple retail stores, CCL.O offers an aggregation website attracting a Cedar Creek Lake area audience on behalf of its advertisers.  

Online visitors can easily “Shop the Lake” right from the home page; categories include Homes for Sale, Vacation Rentals, Local Events Calendar, Shop-By Categories and yes, even the local Music Scene!

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Better Search Results for Clients

CCL.O also works with its clients to achieve higher rankings in search results. 

SEO services include enriched content such as keyword optimization, YouTube videos, 360 degree virtual tours and backlinks to your main website. 

Highly Competitive Rates

Unlike Yelp and many other Directory Services, CCL.O offers a no-cost setup, and a low-cost, competitive flat rate of $19.95/month for a Business Plan, with no contract to sign. 

They also offer a $9.95 Pro-Plan for sole proprietors.

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And Yes, There’s Even A CCL.O App!

In addition to its desktop version, CCL.O supports an optimized mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


Search for “CedarCreekLake.Online” in your Play or App Store to try it now! 


Omni-Channel Marketing To Be Continued..

In our next segment, we’ll dive even deeper into Omni-Channel marketing!

We will be discussing standalone websites and paid advertising, and how you can tie it all together with the directory services and social media discussed here! 

Hint: We’re calling it CedarCreekLake.OnlinePLUS+


In the meantime, got questions?

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