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The Best In Rock Played Live!
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Big Slick, is a Houston based Rock group and as such the band plays live all around the Houston Tx and Kemah area, as well as performing at private parties and special events. Though the Big Slick band has been around for about 15 years, the present band line-up has been performing as Big Slick for almost 10 years.

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Big Slick focuses on playing something for everyone. We cover and play mostly 70s and 80s classic rock, dance tunes and fun rock from  A to Z, Aerosmith to Led Zepplin and in between and of course being from Texas, we throw in a few classic country tunes too.

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Jim Dippel, bassist, lead and backing vocals: Jim has always had a love of music and began his music adventure in Jr high and High school, playing tenor sax in the school’s Marching Band, Symphonic band and Jazz band.

Military service and career obligations then put a hold on his music progress but with the help of some friends Jim was able to self learn the guitar and began playing in several small groups as a rhythm guitarist. About 20 years ago Jim met Ken Spoletti, now the lead guitarist for Big Slick and when the former group Ken was playing in, needed a bass player, Jim bought a Fender P bass, joined the group and has been playing bass ever since! Jim grew up in the late 60s and early 70s and as such his musical preferences and background has been mostly shaped by those great Rock and Roll legends, artists and groups of the time, Eagles, Chicago, SRV, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, The Beatles, etc but it’s also been shaped by his love for country music through such artists as George Strait, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson and others.

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Jim has been performing with Big Slick for almost 10 years but has also performed with many other Rock and Country bands around the Houston Tx area. Jim’s other love and passion is flying and usually if he’s not playing bass for Big Slick or Rock Hill Baptist Church, he’s at the airport flying. 

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Ken Spoleti, lead guitarist, lead and backing vocals. Ken’s bio: Started playing guitar at 13.  Majored in music at Triton college.  Currently an Austin, TX resident.  Prefer 1960’s and 1970’s English rock (ie. Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Who, Rolling Stones), and American artists Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Aerosmith.  Active band is Big Slick Band for last 10 years.  I own 12 guitars, 5 amplifiers. 

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Current guitar/vocalist solo acts include venues at Shark coffee house, and Bent Oak Winery in Austin, TX.  Previous one-year weekly act (2018) at Lauren McKenna H.C.S., LLC for handicapped adults in Houston, TX.  Duet acts with Hydroponic and Alken (2018-2019) in Houston, TX.

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Alan Stephenson: Lead singer, front man, backing vocals, tambourine: Alan Sang in school choir throughout grade school where he also took piano and voice lessons.

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Alan’s musical influences were mainly through southern rock but include Rock of other mainstream groups from the 70’s to current rock. Played in 80’s heavy metal cover band-lead singer, in early 2000’s more of hard rock/alternative rock cover band, lead singer (Constant Buzz). Alan likes to engage the audience during performances and will often invite someone up from the crowd to either sing along or take the lead!

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 Ray Johnson: backing vocals and guitarist, co-founder of the group Big Slick. Inspired by the Beatles, Ray began playing guitar in early teens.  Frustrated by the inability to sound like the Beatles, Ray gave up guitar in early teens.  But couldn’t stay away. Ray was also heavily influenced by groups such as The Rolling Stones, CCR, Cream, ZZ Top, SRV.  Right around Y2K Ray discovered Mars Music’s “Weekend Warrior” program, which hooked him up with a bunch of musicians of equal enthusiasm and talent.  That led to several attempts at fledgling bands. 

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In 2006, a bandmate and Ray formed Big Slick with the vision to perform authentic covers of classic and alternative rock.  Big Slick has morphed over the years, but the band continues belting out some of the best and most authentic classic rock in Houston.

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Brian Dorherty: drums, backing vocalsBrian started playing drums at age twelve and has been in various bands since the age of sixteen. His father was a Professional guitarist in a 60’s band called The Tallysmen, from Boston, Massachusetts.

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Brian has lived in the greater Houston area for over twenty years and grew up listening to AC/DC, Aerosmith, Cream, CCR, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Police, Tom Petty, and Rush and his music preferences span across the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s, which includes Jazz, Pop, Rock, and R&B. The three key drummers that have had the biggest influences on Brian’s drumming style are Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, and Neil Peart primarily due to their varied timing signature abilities and techniques. Active band is Big Slick Band for over the past ten years.

Rock N Roll of all ages, cover music.

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