HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month

HF Family Restaurant – November Lake Leader of the Month

HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 19 5 1 CedarCreekLake.Online The time was right.  The bustling, small Cedar Creek Lake town of Malakoff was way past ready.  And partners RJ Flowers and Joe Hessley knew they were up to the task of introducing a world-class, family style restaurant; a one-of-a-kind dining establishment that would be recognized for its quality food, wine pairings and craft beers.  The menu selections would always be fresh and , whenever possible, contain locally sourced ingredients for their gourmet style family food selections.  Thus, after an enormously successful July 5th 2019 Grand Opening, HF Family owners RJ and Joe, employees and tons of Cedar Creek lake area fans have not looked back since. Today HF Family is our November Lake Leader of the month and I’ve had a great time learning more about the restaurant, their great menu, employees, suppliers, recent special events and much more.HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 20 11 1 CedarCreekLake.Online But first, the HF Family Restaurant story begins about three years ago when RJ and Joe first opened a gourmet desert shop in downtown Malakoff;  Mister Sweet Tooth.  The quaint retail shop was an instant success becoming known initially for its lavish deserts and a popular stop for locals.  HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 21 8 1 CedarCreekLake.OnlineSoon after, it became a destination hit for customers across the lake as well.  After that, word spread further and customers began coming from as far away as Dallas and Tyler.  (RJ tells me a second Mister Sweet Tooth is in the works and is expected to open very soon in Gun Barrel City.) After the Mister Sweet Tooth success, RJ and Joe decided to venture into a more ambitious endeavor with a full family style restaurant in what was originally an old antique shop.  The building located at 213 South Terry Street in Malakoff, had to be completely renovated with a commercially approved kitchen, permitted public restroom and dining area with the appropriate furnishings.  Taking on the enterprise was truly a ‘family’ experience as both RJ’s and Joe’s brothers came in to lend expertise in menu and cooking strategies as well as business expertise. HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 22 front CedarCreekLake.Online The resulting menu is what RJ likes to call a family style selection.  While many of the choices include traditional entrees such as Lasagna and Homemade Italian Meatballs, this is not the pre-manufactured set of mass-produced “comfort food” or shared, pass around the table all-you-can eat venue that you find on many busy street corners or highway exit ramps.  HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 23 10 1 CedarCreekLake.OnlineRJ likes to point out that they take pride in carefully paring each entree with a unique, often times hard to find, special wine or craft beer.HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 24 9 1 CedarCreekLake.Online  The pairing comes from the years of training the owners and staff have acquired in understanding and recognizing what works to please even the most discriminating palate.  And, of course, the desert selections come from where else, but Mister Sweet Tooth! HF Family prides itself on sourcing only the finest ingredients for all of its entrees and side dishes.  No corners are ever cut and whenever possible, they always try to use local providers for the freshest ingredients.  Rosewood Ranch in Seven Points provides their Wagyu Beef, Full Quiver Farms in Kemp provides cheese and dairy products, Bennet Family Farms in Malakoff offers fresh eggs and honey, Milk and HHF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 25 7 1 CedarCreekLake.Onlineoney Meadows in Malakoff delivers Honey and Sweets. HF Family offers it’s unique, hard-to-find, fine wines & craft beers and exotic assortment of cheeses, jams & jellies, olives and other condiments in the dining room but also for sale as carry out items.  They also provide carry-out for their menu items and can even arrange catering for your holiday or special off site celebration event.  HF Family can also host your event at their location for your private party.HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 26 15 CedarCreekLake.Online In closing, keep an eye out for a couple upcoming events at HF Family.  On November 15th they will be having a Thanksgiving Inspired Dinner with live entertainment by well-known recording artists Backhand Sally.  HF Family Restaurant - November Lake Leader of the Month 27 14 CedarCreekLake.OnlineAnd, on December 13th, HF Family will be hosting a Holiday Kick-off meal with special wines and entertainment by Backhand Sally.  HF Family Table and Market is located at 213 Terry Street; Malakoff, Texas.  For reservations, catering or to arrange a private event, call 903-489-0972.