Fisherman's Wharf on Cedar Creek Lake

Fisherman’s Wharf on Cedar Creek Lake

October 2021 LakeLeader Of The Month-a Story of Transformation!

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When brothers Michael and Senior Pastor Larry Cathey bought Fisherman’s Wharf on the south east side of Cedar Creek Lake from the prior owners over a year ago, they knew they were buying a little piece of Heaven on Earth.  But what was below what the eye could see made the transformation from a 30 year old tired and run-down camp ground into a modernized RV park one of the lake area’s much sought after outdoor recreational destinations.

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The Cathey brothers and their family and friends wasted no time diving into the the park’s nine acre Fisherman’s Wharf Transformation. In addition to upgrading the park’s infrastructure and amenities, the brothers managed to build 10 new luxury cabins and improve the level of service for patrons staying on the campgrounds.

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Infrastructure Improvements

It started with ambitious plans for Improving what had, over the years, become a large eye sore on the left side of the main camp entrance. The Cathey brothers had the huge task of cleaning out a large, dry storage junk yard that had grown up over nearly three decades.

Once all the trash was hauled off and the surface was cleaned and debris removed, a completely new septic system was installed for the entire Fisherman’s Wharf compound along with a new Roll-Off sanitation dump system. This pristine new, eco-friendly clean-up project and sanitation system for the park became the centerpiece of the new Fisherman’s Wharf transformation.

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Over the years, roadway access from the main gate to the camping area had also become entirely hazardous for larger RV’s.  Sections of the road had to be straightened, leveled, raised and widened to provide additional clearance for RV’s and wider campers and trucks. In addition, the roads were seeded with new gravel enabling better vehicle tire traction for even more safety.

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There was also an old house that was unused and not practical for the park. So, the team decided to demolish the structure and then hauled it away.

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Also, over the years, a number of boat docks were destroyed due to age, neglect and weather.  Three docks were located on either side of the main boat ramp at the camp site area and one was next to the retail store. 

All four docks including their pilings were removed and hauled away.  Plans are in place to rebuild the dock that was next to the retail store where there will also be a handy fish cleaning station for customers’ use.

Various other site improvements have also been made including rewiring of all electrical wiring and connection systems up to code for all buildings and structures, exterior repainting of the Fisherman’s Wharf Retail Store and replacement of toilets in the public restrooms.

RV Parking and Campgrounds

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Today, the camp grounds and RV sites are restored to their better than new condition! The park is now fully stocked with 17 camping sites for RV’s and Tents. The boat ramp is next to your camping site so just hop out of your camper and into the boat! What could be better? During the day, anchor the boat off shore nearby your RV or tent.

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In addition there are 9 permeant RV sites on the grounds. And the Fisherman’s Wharf management team decided this year to post full time, 24 hour staff in order to provide upgraded service for all customers on the park. FIsherman’s Wharf Transformation!

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Click Above Image to take a 360 degree Virtual Tour of One of our new Luxury Cabins!

Ten New Luxury Cabins for Long Term and Weekend Rentals

In the mood for camping in comfort?  How about a modern two bedroom, single bath cabin with full kitchen accommodations!!  Ten brand new, 600 square feet cabins have just been completed and are guaranteed to please and are in high demand.  Just a few steps away from the water’s edge, paddle boats, kayaks, retail store and fishing fun! 

You can stay a month for just $1300 or weekend nightly rates are only $219 with a two night minimum.  The weekend rate includes cleaning service and monthly cleaning service can be available for an additional fee.  Parking for up to two vehicles is included.  Boat slips can be rented for $150 per month.  Dry storage is also available for $55 per month.

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Each 600 feet cabin has two bedrooms and one bath with ample living space to stretch out and relax!

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Each cabin is outfitted with a Full kitchen including a microwave, refrigerator, stove, dishware and utensils. Cleaning service is available for weekenders and maid service is available upon request for long term renters for an additional fee. Parking is available near to cabins for up to two vehicles. Boat slips are also available for $150 per month.

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To Take a 360 Virtual Tour of Fisherman’s Wharf including one of the new cabins, Click Image Above!

Fishermans Wharf Campers Retail Store

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The Fisherman’s Wharf Store is stocked with everything campers and cabin dwellers might need for the most comfortable stay while on Cedar Creek Lake! Customers can buy soft drinks, snacks, fishing tackle and souvenirs. Don’t have a Fishing License? No problem! We can fix you up right here!! The store also has a wide variety of live bait right on the premises.

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Got a license and plenty of bait but need help finding fish? No problem! Fisherman’s Wharf knows how to find the best Fishing Guides on Cedar Creek Lake like Kyle Miers at Lake Country Outfitters.

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Many of our customers like to lounge around a lazy weekend morning over the water with a hot cup of coffee while the young ‘uns feed the fish from the second story balcony.

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And don’t forget the paddle boats and kayaks on our smooth Fisherman’s Wharf water cove! You can rent them from the Store for just $15/hour with a 3 hour min.

Six Part Cedar Creek Lake Fishing Video Series-Learn everything you need to know about where, what and when to catch your best fishing experience on Cedar Creek Lake courtesy of and the amazing video’s below! Check out their site for more complete Cedar Creek Lake fishing details.

With the Fisherman’s Wharf Transformation, the Cathey brothers have accomplished a great deal on behalf of their customers, family and friends. But as they point out, this is a true labor of love and we should all expect to see continued progress with more improvements in the coming months.

For more details or to reserve your camp site or cabin just click the link to their CedarCreekLakeOnline listing here….. Fisherman’s Wharf at Cedar Creek Lake

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