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Practical Carry Skills

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Class limited 18 students. This course was designed to better prepare armed homeowners and concealed carriers to deal with other persons whose intentions and physical abilities to seriously injure or kill others may span the range from questionable to threatening to outright lethal. Violent criminal assaults, whether unarmed or armed, tend to occur at disturbingly close range, and since they often require the use of ruse or ambush in order to close distance on the intended target there is a strong possibility that the same will have precious little time to see what is taking place, process it correctly, and default to and execute the most appropriate defensive response effectively. The objective of PTG’s experienced instructors is to help each individual student increase their ability to avoid confrontations, manage contacts with persons of questionable intent, and when all else fails respond lawfully with as much aggression and force as required in order to deal with the imminent threat of being sexually assaulted, seriously injured, or killed by learning proven gunhandling and dynamic marksmanship skills applicable to the majority of scenarios in which criminal assaults take place (homes, retail businesses, and transitional areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, and gas stations). This is not a recreational shooting class, but instead a fighting course designed for men and women who, as a last resort, are willing to defend themselves and their loved ones with a defensive handgun. These are the same people who realize that mere ownership of a firearm or recreational or competitive shooting experience only does not equate to competence when it comes to dealing with another person or persons who has set their sights upon them that might care less whether others lived or died. These same criminal actors are likely to be far more comfortable and experienced with violence than their intended victim. Requirements: Reliable semi-automatic pistol or revolver, 100-150 rounds of factory ammunition (100 is minimum), quality kydex holster (leather holsters that do not collapse when the handgun is drawn are acceptable), three magazines or speed loaders (two are minimum), single or double magazine pouch or speed loader pouch, robust belt (concho belts and thin fashion belts do not work), clothes and shoes suitable for weather and season (no open-toe shoes and low cut shirts for women are not recommended), water, snacks, lunch, protective eyewear and hearing protection, brimmed hat or cap, and lawn stool or chair.