A Pixar Christmas Parade 2  CedarCreekLake.Online

A Pixar Christmas Parade! The INCREDIBLE(s) City of Gun Barrel City, Texas has an amazing TOY STORY to tell! UP through the streets of Gun Barrel City on the night of December 5th, 2020 at 6 PM. Bring your CARS, a good snack of RATATOUILLE, and a hot cup of COCO while you watch! We will start FINDING NEMO at Walmart and travel east on W. Main Street until we are FINDING DORY at the Gun Barrel City Park. If you are living THE BUG’S LIFE and would like to participate like THE GOOD DINOSAUR in the parade with a PIXAR themed entry, the cost is one unwrapped toy. If the judges find your entry at the top of the Laugh Floor in MONSTERS, INC you could win a prize! Don’t put UP a WALL-E, be BRAVE, and watch us march ONWARD!